Dwarf Priest of Pelor


Grundelmar is a Dwarven Priest of Pelor. He wears white robes draped over yellow armor, with a large sun shaped holy symbol and a sun shaped morningstar handing from his belt. He has a long blonde beard, bald head. He speaks with a russian accent.

Grundelmar has been sent to replace the deceased high priest of the Temple of Pelor. This is his first leadership position, and he is intent to prove himself. He has heard of the corruption of Fallcrest, and the rumors that the corruption had reached the temple itself. He intends to clean up Fallcrest, starting by cleaning out the temple. He plans to recruit holy paladins, amass treasure and weapons, and start smiting evil.

His sun shaped morningstar is a holy weapon, capable of great damage to the undead.


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