Eladrin Druid, Leader of the Redthorns


Miranda is an Eladrin Druid. She has the power to shapeshift into a variety of animals, but mostly chooses the form of a giant owl. She is the leader of the Redthorns, a groups of nature-minded people interested in fighting the evils of civilization and getting back to nature.

She lives in the tombwood, and never ventures into town except in disguise, usually in owl form. She has gained a following amongst the wizard acolytes and dissatisfied peasants. Her followers, known as the Redthorns, use as there mark a horizontal red thorny branch. They had engaged in some light eco-activism, beautifying the town with trees, flowers, vines. Most people in town really didn’t care, but they were strongly opposed by Slumlord Armos Kamroth. His enforcers tear down any greenery, and the symbol of the Red Branch has become an anti-slum logo.

She has bigger problems, now that the Silent Circle has grown in power. The foul rituals and undead are poluting the tombwood, and her focus has turned defensive. She lacks the power to intrude onto the unhallowed ground that the cultist use, and she fears the corruption will ruin the tombwood, driving her out of the city.


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